Child Pornography Possession

Orange County Child Porn Possession Attorneys

A California child pornography possession charge is extremely serious. If suspected of being involved in child pornography you can be arrested and many of your personal assets can be seized such as your personal computer, laptop and hard drive. If images involving children under the age of 18 are found the police can form the basis for a criminal charge. A child pornography charge is a felony in Orange County, California and your life will never be the same if you are convicted. If you are facing child pornography charges in Orange County you need to speak with a immediately.

You will also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

If you have been accused of a sex crime or sex offense in Orange County, California please call Newport Beach Sex Crime Defense Attorney David E. Swanson. His Newport Beach law office can be reached at 949-477-3030. By retaining a skilled Irvine California Criminal Lawyer you will know that your rights will be fully protected. Mr. Swanson offers free consultations to those accused of sex crimes and sex offenses in Orange County, California.


California Penalties for Child Pornography Possession

Merely being possession of child pornography in California is an incredibly serious criminal offense. If convicted you will be facing heavy fines, fees, a prison sentence as well as mandatory sex offense registration for life.

If you are caught images via the internet the charges are totally separate from child porn possession charges. The consequences may be more severe as the sharing of child pornography is often charged under federal statutes.

Child Pornography Possession Defense in Orange County California

Mr. Swanson will get to know the details of your Orange County sex crime case. In an ideal scenario your sex offense charge can get dismissed. If that is not possible perhaps a reduction in charges is a strategy. Knowing what is involved if you are convicted Mr. Swanson will fight to defend your rights and obtain the most favorable outcome possible. He has a long standing history of successfully defending those accused of sex crimes in Orange County, California.

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Newport Beach California Kiddie Porn Possession Attorney David E. Swanson has many years experience handling all types of sex crimes throughout Orange County, California. If you have been charged with a sex crime in southern California please call Mr. Swanson at 949-477-3030. Call Mr. Swanson today and let him protect your child’s rights, reputation, freedom and future. Or, you can . With his many years of experience he is very knowledgeable in terms of California Sex Offense Laws.