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Santa Ana, California, located in Orange County, California is a very densely populated part of Orange County. There are many cultural and social activities to engage in near and around Santa Ana, California. One such activity may be the use or purchase of drugs while at a bar, club, party or school function. Possessing, using and selling drugs is highly illegal in Santa Ana, California despite drugs being very common there. If you have been charged with a drug crime in the Santa Ana, California it is a wise choice to speak with a Santa Ana California Drug Crime Lawyer immediately regarding protecting your rights. If you have been arrested for possessing cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstacy, MDMA, or any other controlled substances, call David E. Swanson immediately. Please call The Law Office of David E. Swanson regarding your Santa Ana Californa Drug Crime case. Mr. Swanson can be reached at 949-477-3030. By retaining a skilled Santa Ana you will feel better knowing that your rights will be protected. Mr. Swanson has an office Newport Beach, California to better serve you. He serves the accused in all Orange County California courts.

Common Drug Crimes Taking Place in California

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  • Or Diverting
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs Like
  • Club Drugs Like

How A Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Proposition 47 has made all simple possession drug crimes misdemeanors.  Drug diversion is still a viable alternative for simple drug possession charges.  A person is eligible for drug diversion once every five [5] years per California Penal Code section 1000 .  An important consideration for a person who has been arrested for a drug crime such as a drug possession misdemeanor is there a way to get the charges dismissed without using up your drug diversion option.  There are other avenues that can be explored in trying to get dismissed a drug possession charge.  There are sometimes informal drug diversion programs that can be utilized instead of the “official” drug diversion program.  This would allow dismissal of the charges why still leaving open the future possibility of drug diversion if one is arrested and charged with drug possession within five years.  Additionally, a simple drug possession charge is often the fruit or result of an illegal search and seizure of a person.  When that occurs the case can be disputed or fought utilizing a motion to suppress illegally seized evidence pursuant to California Penal Code section 1538.5 . The section allows for the evidence to be suppressed if it was seized illegally in violation of a person’s Constitutional Right to be free from illegal searches and seizures.   If that motion is won, then the prosecution cannot introduce and use that evidence in court against you.  A drug possession or drug crime conviction will alter your life on several levels such as personal, financial and professional. You will face fines, court costs, attorneys fees and possible jail time. By working with a Santa Ana California Drug Crime Defense Lawyer you will be assured that your rights are protected throughout the entire legal process. In addition, having an attorney on your side will ideally help your case by achieving the best possible outcome, which would include staying out of jail.

Call a Narcotics Charge Defense Attorney

Santa Ana California Narcotics Crime Defense Lawyer David E. Swanson has a wealth of experience handling all types of drug crime and criminal cases throughout Orange County, California. If you, a family member or loved one have been charged with drug crime or narcotics crime in Santa Ana, California please call The Law Office of David E. Swanson at 949-477-3030. Or, . With his many years of experience Mr. Swanson will do everything necessary to effectively protect your rights, your freedom and obtain the most favorable outcome possible. David E. Swanson has won drug possession cases at trial, and has had numerous drug cases dismissed in court.