Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses Lawyers Irvine California

When someone is charged with a drug crime, drug addiction is usually a factor. At the Law Office of David E. Swanson in Irvine, California, our represent our clients and seek the best outcome, whether it is acquittal at trial or a drug diversion program.

If charged with drug offenses, your freedom is at stake. Your health is at risk as well if you are a habitual drug user. Not all people charged with a drug crime are offered a drug diversion program. Many factors go into this decision, including whether this is your first or subsequent charge. Attorney David E. Swanson will aggressively negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction of your charges and get you into a drug diversion program.

Orange County Drug Offenses

As a certified specialist in criminal law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, Attorney Swanson has gained experience in trying a variety of cases that involve methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and , as well as more serious drug crimes. Those cases also include abuse of OxyContin and Valium. He also has experience handling cases involving with intent to sell, drug distribution, manufacturing, and other charges related to these narcotics.

In many drug cases, one of the most important issues is whether an illegal search and seizure was conducted by the police officer. We will perform a detailed review of the events that led up to the search and seizure, including how that investigation was handled and whether the officers had probable cause to search or arrest you.

Defend Your Rights in a Drug Case

No matter what the charge involves, you have constitutional rights that protect you from illegal search and seizure. If the arresting officer violated those rights, we will quickly move to have the illegally collected evidence against you suppressed.

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