DUI Court Program

DUI Court Program in Orange County California

In Orange County, California there are many sentencing options and sentencing alternatives to serving jail time for . The Orange County DUI Court Program is supervised by the courts and is for DUI offenders who have no history of violence, no history of gang activity and no history of in their past.

The DUI Court Program in strictly voluntary and is an alternative to jail time. It is not intended for avoiding jail hence the rigorous screening process prior to acceptance into the program. If, due to drug and alcohol use and you would like to get help with sobriety it may be a viable option for you. Upon pleading guilty to your DUI(s) and acceptance into the program your jail sentence is stayed pending completion of the DUI Court Program. The program includes a comprehensive treatment plan including:

  • Regular documented attendance of AA meetings
  • Weekly group therapy sessions
  • Individual therapy sessions with a licensed therapist
  • Formal probation
  • Scheduled and random drug and alcohol testing

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the DUI Court Program is to reduce DUI offenses, enhance and promote safety in the community and foster a healthier and safer life for the participants and their families by increasing treatment, supervision and accountability of the high-risk impaired driver. Program length varies from person to person as there are requirements to graduate.

Program Eligibility Requirements

Acceptance into the DUI Court Program is ultimately decided by the court. Each potential applicant has their case reviewed on an individual basis. However, there are initial requirements regarding your DUI’s. One can get in 1 of 2 ways: either 3 DUI’s in a lifetime or 2 DUI’s with excessively high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or 2 within a relatively short period of time i.e. 1 year.

DUI Court Locations

The DUI Court Program is available throughout all of Orange County, California. There are 4 locations and courthouses: Newport Beach, Fullerton, Santa Ana