Identity Theft

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Identity theft is growing in both its frequency and prominence. As identity theft has risen in profile, the penalties are becoming more severe. At the Law Office of David E. Swanson in Irvine, California, we have represented numerous clients charged with identity theft and fraud.

Just as we would for clients charged with any other theft or burglary crime, we will communicate with the victim to see if restitution is an alternative option to filing criminal charges being filed. If charges already have been filed, we will still strive to resolve the matter through restitution and having the charges dropped. Contact our Irvine law office now so we can help you.

Drug problems can be a large factor leading someone to commit identity theft. If an abuse problem is identified early on, negotiations will commence with the prosecution to address the issue in some form of diversion program or drug treatment as an alternative to jail. At the Law Office of David E. Swanson, we understand that crime is committed for various motivations and needs, not just to do harm to another person.

Fraud and Identity Theft

Attorney David E. Swanson defends people accused in either state or federal court of identity theft or related crimes, including:

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Our office will carefully examine all the allegations and evidence presented against you by the prosecution to demonstrate that it may have been someone else who committed the identity theft offense and that you are also a victim in this transaction. As your criminal defense lawyer, David E. Swanson believes it is his job to be thorough and explore every option in order to provide you with the best representation possible. For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding identity theft, contact Attorney David E. Swanson now. You are also welcome to call our lawyers directly by dialingĀ 949-477-3030..