Juvenile Sex Crimes

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In today’s world, largely due to technologies such as the internet and cell phone cameras, juveniles are being charged with sex crimes. Often times these crimes are not the same as adult sex offenses but if convicted the penalties can be equally as severe and life altering. If your child has been accused of a sex crime in Orange County please contact an .

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Juvenile Sex Offenses in California

There is a growing trend among teenagers being charged with sex offenses such as sending, receiving and distributing . These charges from the teens taking nude or provocative photos of themselves and texting, forwarding or emailing them to friends. Many of these photos can also end up on social media and networking websites.

Despite your child being a juvenile there is a chance they may be tried as an adult. If that is the case their freedom is jeopardized as is their future and academic status. If your child is being accused of sending and receiving nude photos or videos in Orange County, California it is very important that you call Santa Ana California Juvenile Defense Attorney David E. Swanson.

Penalties for Juvenile Sex Offenses in California

In some instances the penalties for a juvenile sex offense may be the same as an adult who is convicted of a violent sex crime such as . Penalties may include fines, fees, probation, possible custody time as well as mandatory sex offender registration. Many times the penalties are so harsh due to the fact that these behaviors often progress into adulthood and there is a good chance that the accused may be re-arrested for a felony sex crime sometime after they turn 18.

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