Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

Rape and date rape are very common, and often times unreported, type of sex offense in Newport Beach, California. Date rape is also known as acquaintance rape. With the advent of the internet and social media and dating sites the definition of date rape has changed. Date rape used to be a scenario involving someone you knew and had spent time with prior to the . Now, date rape can involve being assaulted by a complete stranger where the encounter was arranged online. Regardless of the scenario being accused of date rape is an extremely serious offense. If you have been accused of date rape, or any sex offense in Newport Beach, California, please call a skilled and experienced Newport Beach California Sex Offense Attorney. And Date Rape is charged under the same code section as Rape, and it is just as serious. Conviction of Rape generally means being sent to prison and registering as a sex-offender for life. Contact Newport Beach California David E. Swanson regarding your sex offense charges. Mr. Swanson many years experience defending those accused of sex crimes in Orange County, California. His office can be reached at 949-477-3030.  Mr. Swanson has an office in Irvine, California for your convenience.


Defending a Sex Crimes In Southern California

Defending a sex crime case in Newport Beach, California differs slightly than a conventional rape case. More often than not date rape involves different circumstances as well as events leading up to the assault. Often and alcohol are part of the scenario as well. An experienced California Sex Crime Attorney will get to know the details of your case and plan a strategic and methodical defense for you.

Date Rape Penalties

Merely being accused of date rape may have severe consequences on your life. If you are ultimately convicted you may face fines, fees, court costs and an extended prison/jail sentence. Also, you may ultimately have to become a registered sex offender. Working with a skilled and experienced Newport Beach California Date Rape Lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and the most favorable outcome is obtained.

Let a Newport Beach California Sex Offense Defense Attorney Help You

Newport Beach California Sex Crime Defense Lawyer David E. Swanson wants you to know that you do not have to face your California Sex offense accusations alone. You have rights and they need to be protected. A conviction for date rape or any type of sex crime in California will impact your life on many levels for years to come. Please contact Mr. Swanson at 949-477-3030. . Contact Mr. Swanson if you need any of the following: Newport Beach Sex Crime Lawyer, Date Rape Defense Attorney Orange County California, Sex Offense Law Office 92663 Date Rape Lawyer Newport Beach California.