Violent Crimes

Irvine, California Robbery and Violent Crime Lawyer

"I’ll stand up for anyone and stand between them and their accusers or the government."

If you have been arrested for a violent crime it is essential that you contact the law office of David E. Swanson in Irvine, California, immediately. It is important that you do not discuss anything about your situation with anyone else but your attorney. We will do everything possible to secure your immediate release if you have been arrested for violent crime. We are proactive in handling all aspects of a violent crime case from arranging bail to defending your case at trial.

At our law office, attorney David E. Swanson has represented criminal defendants in over 80 criminal defense trials, advocating for and defending the rights of his clients. He is a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Communication with you will be of the utmost importance as your case moves through the system. We prefer face-to-face contact with our clients. We will work to secure your release as fast as possible. We will review all available evidence and the circumstances of your arrest procedures. We will contact and interview witnesses. After analyzing all of this information, we will develop strategies to defend against your charges. Everything will be handled personally by Mr. Swanson to ensure you receive the best defense possible. Your freedom is at stake and you need an experienced lawyer to protect you from the prospect of jail time.

Whether your charge involved robbery, kidnapping, or assault with a deadly weapon, criminal defense attorney David E. Swanson can help you. Whether it’s negotiating with the prosecutor or defending against your criminal charges in court, you can count on aggressive, diligent representation of your case.

For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding an assault charge, please contact us.