White Collar Offenses

Orange County, CA Fraud and Embezzlement Lawyer

If you have been accused of wrongly taking money from an employer, contact us immediately before making any statements to anyone, including your employer or members of law enforcement. An innocent statement by you can be turned around to make it appear that you are guilty. At the law office of David E. Swenson in Irvine, California, our have represented our clients facing serious white collar criminal and charges.

White Collar Offenses in Orange County

While a white collar crime does not involve violence or death, there are still repercussions of the crime and damages done to the victim. Attorney David E Swanson is a Certified Specialist in by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. He worked hard to earn that designation through a rigorous review process and extensive trial experience as a public defender and in private practice.

Criminal Fraud Lawyers in CA

Our law firm has successfully defended clients charged with fraud cases involving multi-millions of dollars. We have demonstrated that the alleged amount of the loss was greatly exaggerated and successfully negotiated a reduction of the charges filed by the prosecutors. We have also obtained leniency for our clients by explaining the motivation for the theft whether it was caused by gambling addictions or just growing household debt.

Contact a White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer

Attorney David E. Swanson will communicate and negotiate with the prosecution to see if restitution is an option or counseling for you is needed. For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding fraud, , or any other white collar crime, please . You can call our office directly at 949-477-3030.